Spiagge Costa Smeralda Cala di Volpe
Spiagge Costa Smeralda Long beach Charter
Spiagge Costa Smeralda Reef beach

  • Beach of Hotel Cala di Volpe – Cala di Volpe (bar, restaurant, rental beach umbrellas and sunbeds);
  • White beach club (Long beach charter) – Liscia Ruja (bar, restaurant open from morning to sunset, rental beach umbrellas and sunbeds, shower, taxi boat, restal boats and rafts);
  • Reef beach & Restaurant – Cala Petra Rruja (wi-fi free, shower services, changing room, daily change of towels, bathing assistance from 9 to 19, accessibility for disabled, bar and restaurant service on the beach);
  • Beach of Pirata – Capriccioli (rental bech umbrellas and sunbeds, dock for boats, rental rafts, water ski and scuba diving).


Spiagge Costa Smeralda
Piccolo Pevero
Principe beach
cala granu
Costa Smeralda

  • Beach Grande Pevero; Pevero – Porto Cervo
  • Beach Piccolo Pevero; Pevero – Porto cervo
  • Beach Rena Bianca; Portisco
  • Beach Liscia Ruja; Cala di Volpe – Porto Cervo
  • Beach Cala Petra Ruja; Cala di Volpe – Porto Cervo
  • Beach Capriccioli; Cala di Volpe – Porto Cervo
  • Beach Romazzino; Cala di Volpe – Porto Cervo
  • Beach La Celvia; Cala di Volpe – Porto Cervo
  • Beach Cala Granu; Cala Grano – Porto Cervo
  • Beach Principe; Cala di Volpe – Porto Cervo
  • Beach Pitrizza; Pitrizza – Porto Cervo
  • Beach Cala del Faro; Cala del Faro – Porto Cervo
  • Beach Portisco; Portisco – Porto Cervo
  • Beach Liscia di Vacca; Liscia di Vacca – Porto Cervo
  • Beach Golfo Paglia; Porto Cervo centro
  • Beach of Gigli; Porto Cervo marina
  • Beach Dolce Sposa; Porto Cervo marina
  • Beach Cala de Flores; Porto Carvo marina
  • Beach Cala Battistoni; Baja Sardinia
  • Beach Porto Sole; Baja Sardinia
  • Beach Tre monti; Baja Sardinia
  • Beach Cala Bitta; Baja Sardinia
  • Beach L’ea Bianca; Baja Sardinia
  • Beach Mannena; Cannigione
  • Beach Tanca Manna; Cannigione


Razza di junco bau beach
il pirata baubeach
Poltu liscia bau beach

  • Beach Polto liccia; Porto Cervo
  • Beach Razza di Juncu; Portisco
  • Beach Sciumara; Cannigione
  • Beach Lu postu; Baja Sardinia
  • Beach Pirata; Capriccioli (beach organised)