Sport in Emerald Coast

Sport in Costa Smeralda Pevero Golf Club Porto Cervo

The Pevero Golf Club of Porto Cervo (designed in 1967 by architect of landscape Robert Trent Jones) offers to the player the possibility to deal with difficult paths combined with the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding landscape that allowed the Golf Magazine classify it in the Top 50 best routes in the world. With technical characteristics of excellence, it is one of the most attractive fields for fans and admirers: the starting area has fairways and roughs never predictable, designed to excite and inspire reflection in the golfer.
Address: Loc. Cala di Volpe, Porto Cervo 20
Tel: +39 0789 958000

Sport in Costa Smeralda Tennis costa smeralda

In the Cervo Tennis Club guests will have the opportunity to play tennis from June 1 to September 30, according to two steps from the famous Piazzetta of Porto Cervo. The club offers 5 tennis courts with synthetic grass illuminated.
Throughout the summer, the Cervo Tennis Club and Cala di Volpe and Romazzino hotel hosting the Tennis Academy of Claudio Panatta with custom programs (both weekly and monthly), private lessons and group lessons for adults and children.
The sample Claudio Panatta and his masters team offer customized programs and private lessons for adults and children, as well as campus with activities created ad-hoc for children aged 6 to 14 years who wish to approach the world of tennis.
Address: Piazzetta of Porto Cervo
Tel: +39 0789 931111

Sport in Costa smeralda sci d'acqua cala di volpe

Water ski
At the Hotel Cala di Volpe, the school of Albino.
Address: Porto Cervo
Tel: +39 0789 976111

Sport in Costa Smeralda windsurf porto pollo

Surfing, windsufing and kitesurfing
The wind is the key element of this discipline that in Sardinia has found particular fortune. The geographical position and exposure make Sardinia an ideal place for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. For this reason the island is chosen to make racing and acrobatic competitions of international significance.
There are many windsurfing clubs throughout the coastal territory with the support specialized instructors for beginners: Porto Pollo in Palau, Li Junchi in Badesi, Capo Mannu and Funtana Meiga Oristano land, until you get to the circle of Cagliari which is the most largest in Italy.
Porto Pollo
Address: Location Porto Pollo, Palau (SS)
Tel section Windsurf / Kitesurf: +39 0789 704016
Tel section Sailing: +39 0789 704001
Capo Mannu
Address: Marina di San Vero Milis Oristano – Sardinia
Tel: +39 329 6120372

Sport Costa Smeralda Vela Porto Cervo

For location in the Mediterranean, the constant presence of winds, the beauty of its coves and bays, Sardinia is an ideal place for the practice of sailing. Thanks to their eco-friendly nature and the philosophy that underlies this discipline, the sailboats, successful history is at a competitive level and at amateur level.
Sailing schools like the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda in Porto Cervo and the Sailing School in Poltu Quatu, are open to all and exploit landings throughout the island helping to fuel the love for the sport. There are many world-class regattas: Sail from Latin to Tiscali Cup.
Yacht Club Costa Smeralda
Address: Via della Marina, Porto Cervo
Tel: +39 0789 902200
Sailing School
Tel: +39 0789 99769

Sport Costa Smeralda Diving

Diving & Snorkeling
Sardinia has an infinite number of scenarios submerged diffused in all eighteen hundred kilometers of coastline: wreckage, aircraft and archaeological findings are combined with the natural environment creating suggestive paths of diving and underwater photography.
The morphology of the coastline is varied, from the sandy seabed rocks, gorges and ravines, natural dens for a multitude of fish. The currents favor the clarity of the water, ranging from pale turquoise to deep blue, making the unique underwater landscape.
In order to observe these wonders you can practice inshore snorkeling or lean on the Proteus Diving in Baja Sardinia that will provide you with equipment and expert guides.
Proteus Diving
Address: Strada dei Pini snc – Arzachena
Tel: +39 327 5305355/6

Sport Costa Smeralda equitazione

Horse riding
The temperate climate and the variety of the territory, including beaches, plains and mountains, make Sardinia an ideal place for lovers of horse riding. Each locality, thanks to riding schools and specialized centers such as the Horse Club Costa Smeralda, offers the possibility to go horse riding.
From the promenade by the sea to the excursion inland, children, amateurs and more experienced riders can enjoy the beauties of nature of Sardinia.
Horse Club Costa Smeralda.
Address: Loc. Lu Postu – Baja Sardinia
Tel:+39 338 3574639

Sport costa smeralda quad scooter & mountain bike

Quad, Scooter & Mountain Bike
To live a more active stay on the Island, mountain biking can be enjoying really alternative landscapes. With this bike, in fact, it rugged yet lightweight, suitable for all types of land, you can make excursions to discover the area, between the coast and the hinterland, in close contact with nature which are otherwise difficult to reach.
In Sardinia, the like Vintage Rent you can rent mountain bikes, quads and scooters to travel the paths and not.
Vintage Rent
Address: Loc. Iaconia
Tel: +39 349 7719531

Sport costa smeralda Pista dei Campioni baja sardinia

Go kart
The Pista dei Campioni is one of the most famous circuits in Sardinia for its strategic location (Emerald Coast), and every year it is worldly and motor events.
Pista dei Campioni
Address: Strada per Baia Sardinia (S.P. 59) – Arzachena
Tel: +39 0789 98621