The territory of Emerald Coast

The Emerald Coast is a coastal stretch of Gallura and stretches for about 20 km from Pitrizza to Portisco. While not formally on the Costa Smeralda, also Poltu Quatu, Baja Sardinia, Cannigione and Porto Rotondo are sometimes associated with it for the proximity and for a not very different type of tourist offer.
The heart of the Emerald Coast is Porto Cervo where you will also find all the services and numerous other commercial and residential areas such as Romazzino, Capriccioli, Cala di Volpe, Pevero Gulf, Pantogia and Liscia di Vacca. Between Porto Cervo and Cala di Volpe we have developed the Abbiadori shopping area.

The beaches of Emerald Coast

Costa Smeralda Long beach charter
Costa Smeralda Reef beach
Costa Smeralda Rena bianca
Costa Smeralda bau beach

The striking beauty of white sandy beaches, framed by the typical Sardinian vegetation, rocks carved by the winds and tides, the colors of the waters of a thousand shades of green and blue celebrities have donated to the Emerald Coast.
We have selected the best beaches of the Emerald Coast, dividing them into:
Organised beaches 5 star – Beach of Hotel Cala di Volpe  White beach club  Reef beach Restaurant 
Others organised beaches of Emerald Coast – Grande Pevero – Rena Bianca – Liscia Ruja
Dog beaches of Emerald Coast –  Poltu Liccia – Razza di Junco – La Sciumara

Restaurants of Emerald Coast

Costa Smeralda Ristoranti
Costa Smeralda Ristoranti
Costa Smeralda Ristoranti

Gallura cooking is based on genuine products and on the simplicity of preparation, as well as on patience. We speak of dishes prepared observing a ceremonial, attentive value to the products.
We have selected a short list of exclusive restaurants, dividing them into:
Restaurant of Emerald Coast racommended for dinner – Restaurant Il PescatoreRestaurant MadaiRestaurant Gianni Pedrinelli
Restaurant of Emerald Coast racommended for lunch – Restaurant La ScoglieraRestaurant Frati RossiRestaurant Reef

Park for kids

Acquadream Porto Cervo
Acquadream Porto Cervo
Gregoland Porto Cervo
Gregoland Porto Cervo

The Costa Smeralda offers for the little ones the first water park in Sardinia and a large playground which is called the paradise of fun for children.

Clubs of Emerald Coast

Phi beach baja sardinia
billionaire porto cervo
ritual baja sardinia
Sottovento club porto cervo

“If you like the richness without being venal, If you like the beauty but you’re not shallow, your life is a feat and live by special (Roberto Borsetti)

We have selected for you the Clubs most exclusive: Billionaire – Phi beachRitualSottoventoVip room

Shopping in Emerald Coast

Rent luxury villa Sardinia - Shopping Porto Cervo
Rent luxury villa Sardinia - Shopping Porto Cervo
Rent luxury villa Sardinia - Shopping Porto Cervo
Rent luxury villa Sardinia - Shopping Porto Cervo

The Emerald Coast host the most glamorous boutiques and the most exclusive brand. We have selected for you the most famous Piazzette.


Sport in Emerald Coast

Pevero Golf Club Costa Smeralda
diving costa semralda
equitazione costa smeralda
tennis costa smeralda

The Emerald coast is an open-air gym: always sunny climate, crystal clear water and pristine nature.
We have selected the very best facilities where practice your sport.

The markets of Emerald Coast

Mercatino san pantaleo Costa Smeralda
Mercatini costa semralda
Mercatini costa smeralda

Every day from mid-June to mid-September there will be a market that will offer its visitors a wide range of local products. In addition to delicacies such as cheeses and sweets typical of Gallura, the offer also extends to quality objects: local handicrafts, precious, fabrics and objects of furniture, cashmere, jewelry and vintage items.

  • Monday (evening): Via Orecchioni, Cannigione;
  • Tuesday: Piazzetta dei Pini, Baja Sardinia;
  • Wednesday: Piazza Risorgimento, Arzachena;
  • Piazzale del Sopravento Abbiadori, Porto Cervo;
  • Thursday: Piazza Risorgimento, San Pantaleo.

The history of Emerald Coast

storia Costa Smeralda
storia costa smeralda
storia costa smeralda
storia costa smeralda

In 1962 a group of international financiers headed by Darim Aga Khan, was the Consorzio Costa Smeralda to give birth in the territory of Arzachena a tourism initiative of vast proportions. The affected area was the one the locals called “Monti di Mola” (from grinding stones). It can be said that since then for Arzachena and, to some extent, to Sardinia things were not the same anymore.
The phenomenon of tourism invested the land and transformed it, modeling it on the basis of their needs. In those days he saw the light of the seaside tourist attraction of greater importance, in terms of quality, of Italy. They began to arise the first luxury hotels and exclusive villas that will become the point of summer meeting of high society and world economic power. The tabloids got hold of the news and gossip on the “golden world” and promoted in all the world in great detail.

Archaeology of Emerald Coast

Costa Smeralda Nuraghe Albucciu
Costa Smeralda Tempietto di Malchittu
Costa Smeralda Tomba dei Giganti

There are places where time seems to have stopped and the standing stones with ingenuity, skilfully to open a gap between the actual and the mystery hidden in history …. give off a transcendental force.
Of particular interest: Nuraghe Albucciu – Monti Incappidatu – Tomb of the Giants of Coddhu Vecchju