There are many archaeological sites to be visited in Costa Smeralda as the Nuraghe Albucciu or the Tomb of the Giants. Alternate the archeology of Costa Smeralda to enjoy the beaches and the sea can be interesting to discover unknown places and surrounded by nature.

Archeologia della Costa Smeralda Nuraghe albucciu
Archeologia della Costa Smeralda Tempietto di Malchittu
Archeologia della Costa Smeralda Tomba dei giganti

Nuraghe Albucciu

The building occupies a slight elevation that allows the control of a large part of the plain and is attached to a view with the other nuraghi of the area. The plant is semi-rectangular with rounded corners. This type of dolmen is called “corridor”. The complex is leaning on a granite boulder that camouflages and that in part replaces the walls. The top edge of the façade has eight shelves, along with the other destroyed, were used to hold up a balustrade made of cemented tree trunks from clay.
In practice it was a single defensive parapet of its kind. In a groove of the plane of the floor it flowed a wooden door blocking the entrance. The site has parking, guides and illustrated material.

The temple of Malchittu


It consists of an atrium and a worship room. It is, among the buildings nuragiche, one of the most unusual. Both for its shape and the place that hosts it is a monument of great beauty.
The rock next to the nuraghe there are two other nuraghi under rock, once thought to be embedded in the first.
Lower, than these buildings and to the temple, you will encounter a large circular hut situated on an open space terrace. Given the large diameter coverage was probably in the roof.

Monti Incappidatu

Usually it visited for the mushroom shape that the elements have given the stone. From the Neolithic to the Nuraghic period it was used as under-rock shelter. Of this function are remains visible in the rocks and in the dry walls on site. The site numerous archaeological remains have been found.

Tomb of the giants of Coddhu Vecchju

It is formed by a portico and two cells. It reaches a length of 14.50 m. At the center of the exedra is erga a beautiful granite stele arched, high 4,04 mt. The site has parking, guides and artwork.